"Try The 21 Day Challenge Guaranteed To Eliminate Overwhelm 
and Refocus Your Life, Love, and Business In Only 5 Minutes 
Per Day For FREE!"
Before you make another decision consider this...
Heart to heart… 

I want nothing more than for you to live your passions and your purpose FULLY. So BEFORE you make a decision that will impact your life, love and business get RE-CENTERED.

Your business isn't just a career but it's an honor and a responsibility to share your passion, your knowledge, your gifts, and your voice with the world. It could be the very thing that changes or saves someone else’s life, love, and business. 

You and I were put here with unique gifts and talents and it’s up to us to develop ourselves to serve others with what we’ve been blessed with. 

And I’ve learned over the years of helping many business owners, that the best way we can serve others and help them accelerate their growth is to serve from a place of centeredness and authenticity. 

We can NOT help others if we are not operating with crystal clear clarity ourselves. 

So from my heart to yours, I urge you to accept my 21 day refocus challenge. 

Clients (now friends) that have accepted the 21 day challenge have shared their breakthroughs with me and I have been blown away and honored to be a part of their success. 

Before your next life, love, and business decision make sure you're centered.

David E. Ubeda
Founder, Small Business Accelerator
Founder, Leadership On Fire Academy 
Nationally Featured Author & Speaker

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"Try The 21 Day Challenge Guaranteed To Eliminate Overwhelm and Refocus Your Life, Love, and Business In Only 5 Minutes Per Day For FREE!"
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